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Tue, March 26

Letter: Insane water, sewer bill

I am currently paying my water bill and my blood pressure is sky high because of the injustice hoisted on the citizens of Kingman who live downtown.

We are paying for a sewer plant across the highway from the airport. The city council hoisted that cost on us because the “hilltop” people did not want to connect! Obviously the city employees did not do their job i before putting the sewer in.

My bill for Jan. 6: water $40.33, sanitation $19.78, sewer $107.99, taxes $3.46 = $171.56.

This cost is insane! We are two living in this house, on Social Security.

All of the residents of downtown must get together and fight this injustice.

This situation has gone on way too long.

Manuela Esquibel



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