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Mon, Dec. 09

We earned our Social Security

I recently contacted John McCain to let him know I was not in agreement to proposed changes to Social Security. I got back a typical form letter but this one alluded to SS increasing the federal deficit.

The problem with this idea is that it is funded by payroll taxes, not some kind of budget allocation set forth by Congress. Jeff Flake has also talked about this change as well.

If things go as Republicans would like, the actual shareholders in this program – you and me – are the ones who will suffer. I have paid in all my life and expect what was promised. The terms originally promised have already changed once.

The rich can afford to set up retirement funds but those with an average wage or less may not have the assets to build one effectively.

Additionally, someone who is rich now may not be later in life due to unforeseen circumstances. Because of this, everyone can use a safety net.

Increase the limits for payroll deductions and tighten up the reasons people can receive disability. In my view, we should not qualify someone to get disability benefits if they have a medical condition that can be solved (e.g. weight loss for one). People need to not buy into SS as some sort of “entitlement” program.

We earned it. Personally, I can think of ten people immediately who worked all their lives and never reached their 60th birthdays. And they will never collect on what they paid in.

In these times, it is important to vet incoming government workers such as cabinet members. Make sure they pass the ethics test so we don’t have any conflicts like this in the future.

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