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Wed, March 20

Letter: Aqueducts would help the water issue

“Here’s to drinking ‘Cool Water’ for years to come” by Shawn Byrne in the Jan. 22 Daily Miner really hit the nail on the head. A trip to Las Vegas and a glance at Lake Mead calls attention to this scary reality!

As a remedy for this drought problem, how about building a water pipeline from the Columbia River System or Lake Superior to the headwaters of the “natural aqueduct” of the Southwest, the Colorado River.

The runoff of these two permanent water sources is now discharging into the Pacific and Atlantic respectively. An average of 122.8 billion gallons of water per day flows from the Columbia River into the Pacific, 64 billion gallons of water per day flows over Niagara Falls ultimately into the Atlantic Ocean.

In conjunction with President Trump’s infrastructure proposal, such a mammoth undertaking would also be an economic boost for the nation, with thousands of jobs created along with enormous growth to ancillary industries supplying the project.

This is what the $787 Billion 2009 stimulus package should have been used for. Now that’s a “shovel ready project.”

I’m a New York resident, so don’t tell me I should have thought before moving to the Southwest. Don’t tell me it can’t be done for legal reasons either. This is what our do-nothing politicians are supposed to negotiate.

It just seems the logical thing to do!

If the Romans could build aqueducts, why not us Americans?

The farms, businesses and people of the Southwest can then use as much water as they need (and can pay for) and never have to worry about the lack of it.

Roy Comeforo

Staten Island, New York

Kingman Snowbird


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