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Thu, July 18

Letter: Democratic Party needs to do the right thing

I would like to ask for opinions about the Democratic Party regarding all this delaying of voting and creating blocks for President Trump and his administration.

Also, who is their employer? Who put them into office? Who pays their salary and very generous retirement and medical benefits – not to mention other benefits?

We the American people foot their bill. We the people voted and the Democrats are ignoring what we want done in our country.

Wait till next voting time ... we shall have a long memory and many of these “elite” will be voted out of office by the “deplorables.”

Do what’s right for your country and the people. Stop this childish behavior. Suck it up – just like many of us have for the past 8 years.

It’s time to end this division and look to the security and benefit of the people and our country as a whole or we may not have a country left.

I’m really sick and tired of all this nonsense. I love my country and want to see our voted in representatives do their job. And I’m mad as a hornet about this nonsense going on.

Nancy Adams



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