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Sun, March 24

Dear Abby: Spreading the love makes Valentine’s Day a delight

Dear Abby: I have never received a romantic Valentine, and that’s OK with me. With all the sappy movies on TV and the stores blooming in pink and red, we often forget that St. Valentine wasn’t the one in love. (He was a Roman priest who married Christian couples and was killed for his trouble.)

My advice to others, particularly singles, is to take a page out of St. Valentine’s book and focus not on yourself, but on others.

Every year on Feb. 14 I give everyone I encounter a kiddie Valentine, and every year at least one person is delighted. I have been doing this for the last 20 years and my St. Valentine’s Days have been happy because of it. It’s amazing the difference that focusing on giving rather than receiving can make. (And it works any day of the year.) – Kid at Heart

Dear Kid: I couldn’t agree more with your positive philosophy. Reading your letter lifted my spirits, and I hope it will bring a smile to my readers as it did for me.Thank you for sharing.

Dear Abby: I am wondering about the proper way to handle something.

I found a dentist I really like and plan to continue seeing for regular cleanings.

I asked my dentist to complete an estimate for orthodontic work, and the cost was several thousand dollars.

I got a few more estimates and found another company that can do the same work and will charge a lot less.

I plan to go with the least expensive option.

However, when I return to the dentist, I’m afraid it will be awkward or that I’ll be perceived as rude for not accepting their service bid. Help! – What’s Right?

Dear What’s Right?: Talk to the dentist you like and tell him/her you received other estimates for the orthodontic work.

Then ask if he/she can match the lower estimate. You may find the dentist is willing to do that.

But if not, the dentist will understand that your budget is what dictated your choice to use someone else. That’s not rude; it is pennywise.


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