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Thu, July 18

‘The Lego Batman’ is entertaining for children, the adults who bring them


Prepare yourself for a fast-paced, high-pitched and color-intensive ride that will entertain your kids and get you chuckling at some of the lines.

I didn’t see the first Lego movie, so this is my first dalliance into those animated plastic blocks.

“The Lego Batman” begins with action scenes as Batman fights to rid the city of crime. Will Arnett provides Batman’s voice - kind of a low growl really, but perfect to pitch sarcastic and somewhat laughable lines.

Ralph Fiennes provides Alfred’s voice and caters to Batman just as he has through almost all of the Batman movies. But Batman is alone and missing his family. There’s no mention as to what happened to them, just that they aren’t there. For those of us who grew up watching the Batman series we know his parents were murdered when he was young.

Batman meets Barbara Gordon, voiced by Rosario Dawson, and is so enamored with her he doesn’t realize little Dick Grayson, voiced by Michael Cera, is asking Batman to adopt him, to which Batman blindly says “yes.”

Now Grayson is like Batman’s shadow and follows him into the Bat Cave where Batman is giving him a litany of no’s to which many young kids may identify.

The plot is pretty basic. But it’s not the plot that’s going to grab your kids and entertain them for 90 minutes. It’s the high-pitch music and voices along with the color-rich characters and environment that keep the kids visually interested.

I’m pretty sure Batman even mentions all previous iterations of his character in some fashion, almost making fun of them. Then, of course, all of the bad guys Batman has ever faced, including some from other movies, are thrown in. The main bad guy here is the Joker, voiced by Zach Galifianakis.

Joker likes to think he’s Batman’s number one enemy but Batman doesn’t agree and the exchange between the two is comical and can be similar to other two-party relationships. Was that a politically correct way to put it? It’s something those over 16 may easily relate to.

Go see the movie, you won’t be disappointed. If you can get past having your ears assaulted by the high-pitch sound, you and the kids will have a good time. It’s rated PG and runs about 90 minutes – long enough to finish off a bucket of popcorn and short enough so the kids won’t interrupt with bathroom breaks.

I’ll give it 3 out of 4 Miners.


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