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Tue, July 23

Letter: Somebody do something

Re: The Daily Miner Jan. 31 front page “It’s time for a serious talk about water - well monitoring now seen as a critical step” – It’s beginning to sound more and more like an insult to the intelligence of the people of Kingman.

How many more years is this suppose to take? At a rate of 32,000 acre feet per year removed & only 10,000 acre being put back in, I would say this is very bad arithmetic.

Oh I see, more studies and more money. Four Hundred Fifty thousand for an impact study over a three year period and all to let us know after three years, “That yes, the aquifer is steadily going down and we are in a heck of a mess and drought, just like Los Angeles.”

I have a solution. It may not be the most popular, but it works.

We need to start charging these Red Lake water thieves that are taking all this good water and giving absolutely nothing back in return. Sell them the water at three or four times the price of the water. I have to pay for water monthly; it’s not free. I guarantee you, this works.

Just look at the Kingman Airport Authority. Mr. French says he doesn’t like pilots or general aviation planes, so what does he do? He raises the rent on the airplane hangers to over $300.00 per month, and he just tacked on a percentage every year to continue to raise the monthly amount in hoping the people renting these hangers will leave. That would suit him just fine. I have to admit that is the only thing Mr. French has done well.

It’s called, ... well I can’t say. I voted two months ago for a new city leader in hopes in seeing change, and as a voter I have every right to an explanation as to, “ What happened?” Nothing yet, but more of the same.

Well at least we have one person that is doing what he said he would do if elected – Mr. Donald Trump.

I will support any one willing to help solve these awful situations here in Kingman.


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