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Wed, April 24

Letter: Trump will ‘Make America Great Again’

Here we go again! Roger Simon, national columnist, whining because Mr. Trump got almost 3 million less votes than Hillary and so he should not be president. He is hiding the truth, or is ignorant.

His class includes Al Gore, McCain, Romney to pick a few. Politicians (and national columnists) are proving their inability to teach third grade students, much less run this country anywhere but into the ground.

Mr. Trump is not a politician. He is a builder of a business empire, a self-made billionaire, and he is fit and ready to reverse the movement to destroy this country by unfit leaders. He did not fall into the trap of not understanding the Electoral College system.

Before the polls closed in California, he had won the election and had the most votes by not wasting time or money on California. He concentrated on gathering sufficient votes and Electoral College votes to win a 49 state record of both and giving Hillary all the votes she could get in California, but they had no value in the race for president.

Sure, with no one to contest her, she was able to get a huge California count to bump up her 50 state total, but every one of those votes was meaningless before the counting started.

The 49 states had elected a president with a modern record by the only votes Mr. Trump needed.

The exodus of California’s conservatives had elected their president in their new home state while the liberals left behind showed their color by “electing” Hillary with dead votes and Jerry Brown back in the governor’s chair which proved how astute Mr. Trump was to ditch California.

If 49 states can elect a president without a single California vote, they are useless votes to be sure. The true meaning of the Electoral College system is there for all to see.

There is no bully in the system, and we should never see Jerry Brown as President (ha ha). Mr. Trump will continue on to “make America great again.”

Gary “GV” Saylor

Golden Valley


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