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Mon, April 22

Letter: Waterboarding ISIS prisoners shouldn’t be a problem

Today water boarding came up again. We used it maybe twice, but the way it has been reported over the years, you would think we routinely used it. I understand it was very effective in obtaining information from a very bad actor. Trump has no problem with it.

Recently, I read about a young woman and her four children in Syria, the youngest 10 months old. ISIS poured gas on all five and burnt them alive. I believe they had committed the unpardonable sin. The mother was Christian. Then I saw a video of four men. ISIS had bent them in half, hung them over a large fire and roasted them to death, like chickens on a spit.

Last year I watched a young Egyptian pilot put in a cage, then set on fire. ISIS watched and laughed as the young pilot writhed and screamed and finally died. Several years ago, someone sent me a video of a man that had had a large pointed stick shoved up through his rectum until it came out his shoulder. His body stiffened repeatedly, enormous amounts of blood poured out of him and the noise coming out of his mouth kept me awake for months.

And then there was the iron cage filled with humans that they lowered into water as they watched them slowly suffocate.

Would I have a problem with them bringing back waterboarding on ISIS prisoners? Not even.

Linda Athens



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