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Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Time for all Americans to be patriotic, respectful of others, support Trump

We have had the most tumultuous last eight years that I can remember in a very long time and it is still running over into the new term. This is a call to all Americans, which is everyone living and breathing, retired, disabled, anyone raising families, and working. This is a call to all Americans to live by our Constitution, laws, and rules. This is a call to be civil, respectful and patient of whatever changes come. Open your eyes and ears and see the good things that are being proposed and done for the good of all Americans and not catering to big government investors. Give President Donald Trump a chance to prove himself. My God, it’s only been three weeks in office.

In other words, we all should act like grown up adults and stop this fighting, name calling, making disgusting signs and speeches by so-called celebrities and others. Stop this hatred of our new president and each other’s party. He is the president of all Americans and he is actually proving it! The young people out there who are crying and feeling terrified do not have anything to worry about. They lived in the worst of times, but they just don’t know it. They will have jobs in their future.

Do Americans want a good life? Do Americans want better paying jobs that come with having more education and training? Of course we do, and so do many other people. Do Americans want a more secure and safe environment? Only the drug lords, gun runners, criminals and terrorists are against strong border patrol. I want to believe that we will have a safer United States of America with our new president.

Does any American really practice tolerance? The answer to all these questions rests with each and every one of you. I would be willing to bet that there are some yeses and some nos. We should not be divided by party, but to come together as Americans first. No one can agree on everything any president does or says, but President Trump feels for us Americans and actually wants to make America great again. Every President we had enforced a temporary halt from some people to the USA and it is normal practice. No need for the insane reactions. Safety comes first.

I ask you, “Why is it that freedom of speech is only allowed if it is what the Democrats, progressives or liberals allow?” For example, there was no need for any demonstration or riot at UC-Berkeley. You can either go or not go to the event scheduled like normal, rational people. No need to be violent, rude or demonstrating against the president and against or for every cause out there, committing acts of terror, looting, and destroying property. In fact, it was an American terrorist group that caused the destruction on campus. That is a criminal offense and those people should be jailed. What kind of adults is this portraying? What kind of Americans are they showing the world? Please, stop this hate and destruction. Some people are just misinformed, manipulated, misunderstood and misdirected. Local police were ordered to stand down and not interfere with the chaos created there. Imagine that. A suggestion would be to pull your sons and daughters out of this school. Now.

Please understand this: The majority of the population sits in the eastern U.S. and they (15 states) alone do not have the right to dictate for the rest of the United States who will be president. The other states with large population are Washington, Oregon and California, and then there’s Nevada. Each state is given a value called the electoral vote. This is the democracy we have to make all votes count and all states count. Votes came in overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Yes, Trump won 31 states out of 50. We should never lose the Electoral College. I hope that John McCain and Diane Feinstein are reading this. It is only fair and just method of knowing what the people of the United States really want. It’s time to stop being obstructionists. This includes all senators and representatives that are against President Trump. Stop this chaos. This is a call for all Americans to be patriotic Americans.

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