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Mon, July 15

Editorial: Hang on to your wallet, they’re coming back for more

I shook my head in disbelief months ago when the Arizona Education Finance Amendment was passed by the voters last May. It does make sense it passed as the Legislature and the governor, those responsible for taking money from the state’s school system in the first place, convinced those working in education to go along with the proposal.

What the amendment effectively did was have the education system sell its stuff to pay the education system a portion of what the legislature and governors have been taking to use in other areas since the Great Recession hit in 2008.

Let’s put it this way. Let’s say I owe you $1,000. I convince you to sell your car for $2,000 to a third party. I get to say to you take $1,000 of your gains and call it the $1,000 I owe you. Now, we’re even.

Those clever devils are back at it.

The state has been robbing counties and cities since 2008 of their rightfully due Highway User Revenue Fund dollars. This fund was to provide counties and cities resources to repair and maintain their roads.

Those pot holes you’re dodging around town? Thank the robber barons down in Phoenix. They’ve been sweeping these precious dollars into their state government account to pay other bills and leaving counties and cities high and dry. Thanks, state government politicians.

Are you ready for it?

State Sen. Bob Worsley’s Senate Bill 1146 was approved by an Arizona Senate panel as a way to “help fund road improvement projects,” according to the Associated Press.

The plan is to get money back to the counties and cities by “increasing vehicle license fees, extending the state gas tax to propane and adding an extra inspection fee on electric cars,” the AP wrote in a story published in the Daily Miner Wednesday.

This would free up money to go to roads and repair. Money taken from roads and repairs in the first place. We’ve been to this rodeo before.

Counties can increase gas taxes by 10 cents a gallon if the bill becomes law.

Once again the Legislature is trying to get us twice. They take our money for roads and repairs, then tell us all they need is more tax money – for roads and repairs. How long will it take them to grab the second source of roads and repairs money?

I’m all for taxes that make our lives better. I like having public safety needs addressed, good schools and safe water to drink.

I only want to be taxed once for things. Our friends in Phoenix keep coming back to the trough. They need to meet their responsibilities just like we do at home.

I’m tired of shaking my head at them in disbelief.


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