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Sun, Sept. 22

Letter: Enforce the no cell phone while driving ban

Kingman Police, City Council and Mayor, I am putting you on notice. Fourteen tickets for unlawful use of a mobile electronic device while driving in 2016 is bullcrap. And to pass out 519 warnings is horse apples.

Don’t know what those words really mean? Yea, right. You are to enforce all laws and you’re not doing it. I don’t give a rat’s butt what excuses you put out there. All you are protecting is your own.

In the past five years, I have been involved in two wrecks that were caused by idiots on cellphones. Both wrecks were not accidental. They were metal-slamming, body-injuring ordeals and one of them, I was on a motorcycle and got crushed by an illegal immigrant making a left-hand turn in front of me while on the phone, causing me physical injury that I will go to the grave with.

Both knuckleheads that hit me are probably still texting and driving and maybe living in Kingman once they knew the police are not going to do a damn thing. Why...? Why the excuses and no real action against these sorry unapologetic humans?

This is what I have been told by the Kingman community, and, experienced for myself these past two years. The police while on duty driving, are texting and talking on the phone, so why would they stop when they are on their own time? It is obvious one cop is not going to pull over another cop and give even a warning for being on the phone. What about their kids? Are they doing the same thing? Give us a break, police, do your job that I am having to pay taxes for.

Today, at Andy Devine and Detroit avenues, as I was going to turn right, there was a blue Ford Explorer in the left lane with no signal on. A sensible driver would expect they were going to turn left. Regardless, there are way too many airheads in Kingman behind the wheel so I am extra careful coming up next to anyone. This moron made an awkward right-hand turn and would have torn off the front of my car. A boy in the passenger seat saw what was about to happen, his eyes got real big. The woman who was on the phone did not even look in my direction. Talk about a dumb blond moment. I saw him turn and tell her and she took off. I chased her up to 45 mph, but she was way over 55. She turned up Hualapai Mountain Road. All the cops must have been prioritizing enforcement today because I never saw one.

You can sit in the parking lot at Walgreen’s and see drivers coming down HMR to Stockton Hill, 40 percent of them on the phone. When Carolyn Carlson at Hualapai Elementary School, a crossing guard, advised whoever would listen “she sees at least five drivers on their cell phones in the 25-minute period she works each morning and afternoon. There’s quite a few.” (Daily Miner, 1/15/2017) You would think the light would come on because…, children cross that street.

Is it impossible for the police to quit making excuses and enforce the ordinance without putting their political agenda before safety? I reasonably believe, if the Daily Miner printed the stupidity of how our police are handling this dangerous situation that they…the cops, would get off their posteriors and start busting these lawbreakers. Oh yeah…they might be taking an important text about the time they spot a driver on the phone. Where is the city council and even the mayor to adhere to the color of the law? Many know there is a double standard of law enforcement in Kingman.

And where is the honorable mayor and the venerable city council that everybody in Kingman just adores for taking such good care of us? Lofty titles for shoddy governing. Could they be in their cars driving and texting? Oh, don’t say that is not true. I have seen a member of the city council on the phone driving in 2016 as they wobbled on the turn coming on Beale Street off Andy Devine. Other people have seen this “privileged” arrogant public figure speeding recklessly while on the phone. Is this a conspiracy behind closed doors to just let this roll along and not let their own relatives and “friends” pay a fine? Two hundred dollars? How funny. Why conjure up this fake law because too many homegrown Kingmanites were complaining about it, so you voted in the ordinance to shut them up while knowing it would not be enforced? I think so.

I expect to be pulled over, harassed at my home, maybe jailed on something phony, for exposing the establishment, not following ordinances they are regulating for a deliberate class of Kingman citizens to obey and not others.

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