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Tue, Jan. 28

Blog: Good-natured ribbing and other reasons to laugh out loud

Being on the road with my sons and daughter in law is always an event. Whether it is going to Lauglin or just a short trip in town together. If Sister is around, it is even better.

On a recent trip to spend a few hours at the casino in Laughlin, we once again began to share our thoughts and catch up on any news. My youngest son is a long-haul truck driver so we often do not see each other for several weeks at a time.( I know now that not all long haul truck drivers are serial killers.)

At least once during every visit with the boy, he will remind me that he wants to save up to buy a Harley. (motorcycle) My standard answer to this is always, "After I am gone. Then you can buy whatever you want." Like most Mom's I shudder at the thought that my baby (now 43) would be on the highway with nothing to protect him, but a motorcycle. Like I don't worry at all while he is behind the wheel of his giant truck. Right! His new standard answer to me, "Why do you keep saying that Mom. Just where is it that you think you are going?"

I mentioned that I had some trouble with my computer and had to get some phone help from AOL.Now this always brings a chuckle from the both of them."AOL? They still have tech support?" Well, it just so happens I got right through and they got me back on line with a new password. In between the laughter was,"I bet they answered right away and spoke good English, too. They only have the one guy left and he was so excited to get your call, he probably didn't want to hang up!" (My boys think it is very funny that I still use AOL, and they are certain that Sister and I are the only ones left who do)

When my son does get these few days at home, (at his brothers house) he has lots to do. Laundry, visiting family,friends and then shopping for his next trip out. I remind him that I know he is busy, so not to worry if he doesn't have much time to visit me. While we were driving in the car to Laughlin and sharing lots of conversation he said, "This counts as a visit, right Mom?"

On this particular trip to the casino I was at one point seated next to a nice couple. and of course we got to chatting. It seems I engage in conversation with strangers on a regular basis. At some point, I mentioned that I had recently celebrated my 70th birthday. This seemed to really surprise these two, and they said," I never would have guessed you to be that old" That of course made me feel pretty good. When I shared this with my boys on the way home, they quickly responded with, "So how hammered were these two, Mom?"..(Well, they did appear to be somewhat tipsy) But it still counts!

My boys call this "good natured ribbing." Most of the time it does get pretty funny, which makes it nearly impossible to ever get mad, or get hurt feelings. It just seems that whenever we get together, we are laughing till our sides hurt, instead.

My wonderful daughter in law whom I love to pieces is often caught in the middle of these episodes of "good natured ribbing", when the two boys are together. She learned quickly just how to deal with the both of them. Poking fun at each others mistakes, is pretty much standard practice. She can hold her own now.

It is actually my sister who seems to get the worst of it. She can keep us all in stitches with very little effort.She does not like to talk on the phone, but usually will listen from her room while I am talking on the phone. This puts me at one end of the apartment, and she at the other end in her bedroom.

Why just the other day while I was on the phone with my youngest son I happen to respond to something he said with, "Well at least give me an opportunity." My sister was in her bedroom at the time, and did not know who I was talking to. She suddenly starts yelling from her room, "WHO IS IT? WHO NEEDS A KIDNEY?"

Now, I know this probably makes no sense at all to you, but that is exactly why it was so funny. I was laughing so hard, I could not put the words together to answer her question. Sister does not have as much a hearing loss, but more of a just hearing the words wrong. Sometimes she will hear just one word of a conversation correctly, and then run with it. Usually, completely in the wrong direction.

Another time, I was leaving out the front door for a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some bread. "I will be right back" I yelled out to her. "Going to grab a loaf of BREAD at Wally's" To which she promptly responded, "BREAD PUDDING? NO, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT, BUT I CAN CHECK ON THE COMPUTER FOR A RECIPE. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU EVEN LIKED BREAD PUDDING!" She does not always just hear things incorrectly. Sometimes she SEES things incorrectly. Now this has been going on for many years.

Just lately she was certain we had a rooster in the back common area of the apartments we live in. "It is right outside the fence" she said. "I can see it through the window, and it has a big red comb across its head" I do always try to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Let's go see" I said as we both went to the back yard. But alas, just two black crows wandering around. No rooster. No big red comb. No surprise.

I can't say that I am without error as well. I have made coffee more than once without putting in any coffee grounds. I have also attempted to change the television channel with the handset from our land-line phone. Just recently, I walked to Walmart, only to find that I did not bring money or a bank card. Since I do not have a running tab with Walmart, I was just glad I had not walked there in 105 heat.

I am not completely sure whether we have some type of genetic disorder, or we just find a whole lot of things to be funny. My parents were also people who laughed easily. Whatever the case may be, I can pretty much guarantee that if you were to spend any amount of time with any of us, you would spend a large portion of that time laughing. We have burst out in laughter at a restaurant before, and within a minute we could see that everyone who was seated around us was either smiling, or laughing out loud. Laughter is good for your health, and appears that it also may be somewhat contagious. I think a comedian once said, "You can't make this stuff up. This is real life". And lots of good natured ribbing...

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