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Wed, Dec. 11

Letter: Our nation is under attack

For the past hundred years or so, generations of America’s bravest and best young souls have answered our nation’s call to go and fight against the enemies of our country and of our way of life. All of those who answered the call swore an oath to defend our Constitution and our country and our loved ones against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is easy to identify our foreign enemies, but now we have to recognize that our greatest enemies are those right here in our midst. These are the domestic enemies that we swore an oath to defend against. These enemies in our country are not foreign agents infiltrated into our communities in the middle of the night.

Our most vicious and insidious enemies are those who teach our young people at the high school and university level that capitalism is a failed system and that equalization of wealth and strong central government and draconian government programs are the only salvation of today’s world.

The people who push this agenda have been working from the same playbook for the entire last 100 years. They now try to hide behind the term progressivism, or refer to themselves as leftists, or socialists, or secular humanists. In actual fact they are nothing more nor less than communists. Their goal is to utterly destroy America and to remake it in the mold of what used to be the Soviet Union. If you look closely at the paid scum and thugs rampaging on the streets carrying posters, look closely at who printed the posters. You will see the printer’s name as REVCOM, the Revolutionary Communist party. The many “protests” are paid-for riots, staffed by paid-for “protesters,” lowlife cowards who are afraid to show their faces.

There is nothing spontaneous about this thuggery, just as there is nothing honest about their purpose. These traitorous cowards have one motivator and one motivator only, and that is the money they are paid. Far down the list after that, they seek the complete destruction of America and our way of life. These bullies and cowards who exhibit such glee as they break windows and set fires and attack decent citizens have never, in their entire lives, ever contributed anything positive to this world. They are the maladjusted, misfit losers who still live in the basement or attic of Mom and Dad’s house pretending to think noble thoughts while they engage in protracted bouts of self-abuse. These wastes of protoplasm are nothing more than the easily directed pawns of the agitators, community organizers, and communist cell leaders. The next time you see a riot taking place on TV, look at the fringes of the crowd and the shadowed background, where you’ll see the mob’s controllers with a bull horn or handheld radio held to their face.

These backstage puppet masters are the controllers who are directing the brain-dead rioters and looters and arsonists what to do and when to do it. The fools who are out in the street breaking and burning are not smart enough to engage in coordinated action. They are closely akin to catastrophically inbred maze rats, who simply go in the direction they are prodded.

Further, take a look at what used to be the Democratic Party. This once was the party of the blue collar working man and woman, who struggled to gain a decent wage through unified effort and the common goals of the working class, the realization of their dreams of a having a decent small home in a decent and safe neighborhood where they could safely raise children. They also hoped to see their kids become something better and greater than they were. Now, tragically, the Democratic Party has been completely co-opted by the communists who hate and despise everything America stands for.

Where once the common man stood shoulder to shoulder to better themselves and their families and friends, now there are the sowers of hatred and distrust and fear in the guise of the Democratic Party. They hide behind the screen of dignity and decency that was once the stronghold of the Christian working man. They scream of their phony outrage and their manufactured anguish at the actions of our new president.

They lie without compunction about anything they can dream up in an effort to sidetrack or slow or derail the efforts to bring our once great country back to a position of dignity and honor. Their goal is the utter destruction of America as it has been and the creation in its place, a place of chaos and fear, where the totalitarian central government is all powerful and irresistible.

They want only two classes of people in the future they envision, the uber -rich and ultra-privileged, lording it over the peasants and peons.

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