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Sun, June 16

Obituary: Eula Hargrave

Eula Inez Hargrave passed away peacefully in her sleep on Feb. 12, 2017. She was 93.

She was born in Hugo, Oklahoma, June 11, 1923; daughter of Eula and Benjamin Reed.

Inez was truly a cheerful spirit, lighting up a room with her spontaneous laughter. Her Bible and her radio ministers were her source of ongoing inspiration.

Inez could capture and hold the interest of people half her age, as they delighted in sharing each others experiences.

From her youth, Inez’s church was the Salvation Army in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where she was a bell ringer at 13.

At 14, she married Talma Hargrave, at a time when few would have predicted the couple would have a 60-year long successful marriage with five children!

Their adventures around the Southwest are too numerous to recount, but one of her more noteworthy experiences was when she managed the gift shop at the Grand Canyon South Rim.

She recounted listening to actor John Travolta complain about his sore feet from the canyon hike and the time she sold a $5,000 jeweled Native American belt buckle to singer Glen Campbell.

She came to know Native American jewelry very well and was an excellent salesperson.

Her native tribes were Choctaw and Cherokee.

Inez is survived by her five children: Zela Lancaster of Moreno Valley, California; Tommy Hargrave of Golden Valley, Arizona; John Hargrave of Aztec, New Mexico; Debbie Beard of Page, Arizona; and Robert Hargrave of Phoenix, Arizona.