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Mon, Dec. 09

Letter: When nightmares come true

Did you ever have a nightmare so real, so horrifying that you woke up shaking and in a cold sweat?

I had one the other night. I dreamed that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. That part was bad enough, but it was after he took office that scared me the most.

He was there, in Washington, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin by his side, coaching Trump’s every word, as Trump declared he would be the leader of this country from now until he died.

What? How could that be, I asked myself in my nightmare. Oh, I know. It was because the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate. They voted to keep Trump on as the Premiere Leader of the New King of America.

Instead of an inauguration, there would be a coronation.

There were to be no more elections. They threw out the old, antiquated Constitution and composed a new one. Okay, now I was really getting scared. But this still wasn’t the horrifying part yet. I’m getting to that.

Trump’s cabinet, made up of bigots and billionaires and Wall Street tycoons (oh my) crushed the middle-class, starved the poor, allowed the sick to die off, and deported all brown people and Muslims (legal or not).

Then, Trump and Putin joined forces and nuked every other country that they, personally, did not like.

All that was left on Earth were white billionaires – no bigots because there were no more blacks, Jews, Hispanics, gays, or Muslims left alive.

The KKK shed their sheets (no need to hide their faces anymore), and white supremacists rejoiced.

They revved their pickup trucks loudly, danced in the streets, and shot their guns in the air while waving Confederate flags.

Now, to Trump and Putin, America was “great again.” It was that “New World Order” they had longed for. That’s when I woke up shaking and in a cold sweat. Wait, had I really been sleeping? OMG! What if I wasn’t? Who could stop Trump and the Republicans from doing this, or from undoing 50 years of progress? No one, I tell you – no one.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


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