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Fri, April 19

Don’t let a good start go to the dogs

It’s a good start, and the expectation should be placed on those in leadership to keep it going.

Too many times fresh beginnings have included what appeared to be a great deal of momentum only to slowly and quietly lose their force and disappear.

Mayor Monica Gates has promised us town halls and coffee meetings to speak about the issues she believes the city needs to address.

The Honorable Mayor has announced a water workshop for 2 p.m. Friday, and an opportunity to discuss ideas regarding the Kingman Crossing project at 2 p.m. Jan. 31. Both are scheduled to be held in the council chambers at 310 N. Fourth St.

Gates reaches further into the community with coffee meetings schedule for herself and John Dougherty, Kingman’s city manager. The first palaver is scheduled at Beale Street Brews, 510 E. Beale St., from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Feb. 3.

Not to be outdone, several department heads at Mohave County want to write columns for the Miner called “The County’s Corner” in order to convey what is hoped to be important information. It should prove to be a valuable way for these government leaders to inform their constituents about the important issues facing them.

The first edition of “The County’s Corner” appeared in Thursdays’ paper. County Assessor Jeanne Kentch got the ball rolling, informing property owners how they may qualify for valuable exemptions and how to get one.

The thoughts of Mohave County Treasurer Cindy Landa Cox are expected to be published in the Miner during the first week of February. Newly-elected Sheriff Doug Schuster and Recorder Kristi Blair should be in the rotation as well.

Hopefully, these acts will mean more transparency in government. These are great ideas and I’m anxious to see the results from them. Community leaders have made promises to us, now it’s up to us to make certain they follow up on them.


I need to start a daily walk ritual, and I want two dogs. I’m believing these two things are intertwined, as I need the motivation to get out the door.

Being that walking and owning a couple of dogs are planted firmly in my mind as one, I’m striving to convince my fiancée that adopting a couple canines would absolutely, unequivocally and undeniably complete our life circle.

It hasn’t gone to plan. Val, my fiancée, loves dogs. She’s just a little apprehensive about getting a pair. We need two because we both work, and when we’re gone the mutts will have to have a buddy to hang out with in the dull hours when we’re not there.

I think she might be loosening up a little. Maybe because I’m showing her the cute photos from the Lab Rescue page on Facebook. Everyday. As much as possible. To the point of annoyance.

I may not get my way, but I’ve heard about a Plan B. Apparently, Western Arizona Humane Society offers a program that, after filling out an application and going through a brief background check, you can take the dogs down at the shelter for a walk.

I may not get to walk my own dogs, but hey, this would be a good start.


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