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Wed, April 24

Letter: Jimmy Belk has the answer to global warming

I went to the federal courthouse to sue the water company, case No. 2:15-CV-00543-JCM-CWH. It was dismissed.

The reason why I am telling you is to let you know that I am serious to what I am about to say. They would not let me explain myself. I want to take this to the Supreme Court, because I have the right to better myself and my country.

I, Jimmy D. Belk, claim that I have the solution to global warming and I claim that I have the foundation of heaven on Earth. This is a gift for the world. Let me explain. Global ice packs are melting and the ocean levels are rising. I have been working on this for over 30 years and I want to give it to you. Let me explain what I mean. I know how to extract water from the ocean and it’s called straws method. This method has an electrical grid and it does not take from anyone.

For instance, if I had it on full force, I would create a flash flood. I’m not going to do that, this is designed to extract water to put in storage. If everyone had it in all the countries it will lower the oceans to a lower level. That means everybody gets their share of water. Heaven on earth was invented 7,000 years ago, I just made it better. This is for the drought-stricken deserts.

If I apply this method to drought-stricken areas, this will cool mother earth. I give this to the world. I just ask the world to given me an opportunity to prove myself. For instance, if we had it in American it can be used as a safety method.

What I mean by safety net is nobody is going to go hungry. Please ask our representatives to help me go to the Supreme Court because this is federal business. Everything that I said is government land. Please give me an opportunity to prove myself.

Jimmy Belk

Dolan Springs


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