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Tue, June 18

Letter: Obama’s shameful treatment of Israel

It is absolutely shameful that, as Obama is going out the door, he again sticks a knife in Israel’s back, this time in the form of doing nothing so as to allow the UN to pass a resolution (in late December) that, among other things, takes the Jewish state borders back to the 1967 war.

To side with Israel, there needed to be one abstention from a permanent member. We, a permanent member, abstained. That’s good old Obama working behind the scenes; as if he hasn’t already done enough damage in the Middle East, probably responsible for multiple thousands of deaths.

Obama not only did not protect Israel from this UN gang up, he has done everything he can to NOT protect Christians, especially in Syria, who are being hacked to death, beheaded and crucified.

Can any liberal explain to me why you are sorry to see this Israeli hating, Christian hating, Islamic terrorist defender gone?

I will remind Obama, God says He will “bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse the Jews.” Christianity comes from Judaism. We are joined at the hip and we have both been treated like garbage by this POTUS.

I can hardly wait for Trump to get in and start righting our ship of state that Obama has nearly sunk and that includes his horrendous treatment of Netanyahu, Israel and Christians. Christians, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for president-elect Trump to move our embassy in Israel ASAP.

That ought to send God a message.

Linda Athens



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