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Mon, July 15

Letter: Editors need to give Trump a chance

My name is Garry Saylor. I, for easy identification, install “GV” between first and last name when I write to the opinion page. I am a user of your classified section as both a seller and a buyer.

I subscribe with home delivery. Although I hear stories about the internet killing printed news, I stick with my paper as a loyal reader.

I was impressed that the publisher picked a local guy to fill the editor gap. Your credentials and attitude between the lines seemed both positive and fresh.

Then the New Year opinion lead entry by you hit a wall. Your “spidey senses” turned dark and you went to a negative black cloud. You infer that an ugly change is around the corner. You choose a big word, oligarchs, to assume that Donald Trump is going to be a despot, a ruler, or worse. Further, he will use his cohorts to strip the country of its wealth for their own benefit, thereby making your detection “come to pass.”

This flies in the face of nearly 75 percent of the voters in Mohave County who went to the polls to end the Obama regime and keep it from wearing a skirt for the next four years with Hillary, the personification of ignorance and corruption. I fear the country would not survive.

Can you consider the possibility that Mr. Trump, having amassed billions of dollars, restored a city that was rotting, employed thousands and now is running out of challenges might be a good choice to save this wonderful thing our forefathers left to us?

He is Ronald Reagan on steroids! A 75 percent plurality says I may be right. Your black cloud of doom is way too soon.

The USA will not change on Jan. 20, 2017. We have balances of power from the Constitution, the senate and house, both still smarting over his takeover of the Republican Party and laying to rest the “backroom boys” and their lackey candidates (think Romney).

Our system of government is too fat and flatulent and needs a powerful new face to trim it down.

A successful business approach will work! Give it a chance!

Garry “GV” Saylor

Golden Valley

P.S. If you choose not to allow this on your opinion page, I will understand the reason!


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