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Tue, April 23

Column: Hanging our hats on the good things

We learned there is a lot we can hang our hats on here in Kingman. It’s one thing when we feel good about ourselves and where we live. It always feels better when other folks notice.

We’re No. 2 in the nation for senior living, according to A Place for Mom, the Seattle-based senior living referral service. That’s second out of 380 cities and something we should be proud of accomplishing. Absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of Mom.

Travelers and tourists also gave Kingman a nod when and its magazine recognized the Lo’s Chinese American Food neon sign on Tucker Street as one of the coolest to be seen.

Kingman has its good side of things and I imagine it is all about how one chooses to look at things. These “good jobs” we received this week made me smile about our hometown. I hope it made you smile, too.

I have to admit I’m baffled at the negativity surrounding Dollar General’s announcement that it is going to build and open a fourth store in Kingman. I’ve read and heard a lot of comments from folks wanting stores like Target, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and Trader Joe’s.

I get that Dollar General isn’t the Taj Mahal of stores. As a frequent visitor to downtown, I’m looking forward to its opening. The company has found success in Kingman, and it is looking forward to more.

Some of the resistance I heard was about having a dollar store in downtown. Where the store is going won’t be affecting the historic nature of downtown between First and Eighth streets. It is going in relatively close to the I-40 interchange at Beale Street, and it is true one could say traffic may become more of a nuisance in that part of town.

I use Dollar General a few times a week on average. I’ve got a choice of two during my daily commute – the one on Hualapai Mountain Road and the other on Route 66 heading northwest toward Valle Vista.

Sometimes it has what I need and sometimes it doesn’t. But it always has something that Target, Chuck E. Cheese’s and Trader Joe’s never have, at least for the time being, in Kingman. Some stuff I want to buy.

The fourth store may not exactly be the commerce Kingman should strive to invite, especially with all the talk about Kingman Crossing and the many wonderful shops that project is expected to draw.

All I know is that when I’m downtown and I don’t have a notebook, but need one fast, I’ll soon be able to shoot on down to Beale Street and get one.

That’s something I can hang my hat on.


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