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Thu, Dec. 12

Letter: Revenge of the government?

Thought I’d pass along some of the latest cullings from internet land. I haven’t much else to do today after my car was stolen around 2:30 a.m. Dec. 19 – this after my recent exposes of this government’s crime wave and profiteering, with some emphasis on its collusion with the film industry.

Anyway, here we go. So the Persian Gulf wars were not only fought for our Ponzi Petrodollar scam (loaning out money created out of thin blue air and tied to a WWII-era deal with the Saudis), but for the long-sought New World Order, in which the fellow with many names is put back together again to rule over mankind.

That would be Nimrod, of ancient Sumerian infamy, and now we get real. Problem is, most of you don’t know your history. Consequently, you don’t know enough about evil personified. But you will, and fairly soon.

We seem to have stolen several thousand critically important Sumerian artifacts under the Bush crime family’s Iraq wars, while having surreptitiously retrieved materiel from another location (more later) pertaining to efforts at CERN in Switzerland to re-create (or bring back, if you will) Mr. Nimrod.

All I can say here is that if you thought the government-Hollywood connection was very un-Kingman-like, you’ll be positively mortified to learn about this New World Order development.

Laugh, scorn, steal cars and make multimillion dollar Hollywood films from what is stolen from within a citizen’s residence for now, but the New World Order is coming, and this is likely what its appearance will be. As someone once said, be careful what you wish for.

Philip Lundquist

Bullhead City

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