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Sun, June 16

Column: It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and I’m not wearing Milk-Bone underwear

Coco Byrne

Coco Byrne

First of all, my apologies to Norm for hijacking one of his best quotes.

A few weeks ago I pined on this very page for a dog. I had been wanting a dog for a long time, but I had some convincing to do at home that this was a good idea. So, I nagged and nagged and nagged.

After writing about my desire for a dog, I received a letter from a reader. Elizabeth Howard re-enforced the notion that I should get one. In fact, she began her letter “GET A DOG!”

And on Monday we did. We (my daughter, Stormy, and fiancé, Val) went down to Western Arizona Humane Society just to “look” at the dogs available.

The first kennel we walked through housed the medium to large dogs. There were three I was interested in, and one held both my and Stormy’s attention. I could tell Val wasn’t necessarily being sold on the prospects.

We moved on to the next indoor kennel. These places are loud, as the dogs express their excitement of humans being in the room. There was a lot of hoopla going on, but one little dog caught Val’s eye. That dog wasn’t barking, but just chilling out in all the mayhem.

Soon it was out of its kennel and in Val’s arms. That’s when I knew. That’s when I knew I was getting a dog.

Coco is a wonderful dog and perfect for us. She’s loving, calm and knows how to use the doggie door. Like Val said, “It’s as if it is meant to be.”

There is a lot of that going on in our lives, and Coco is the latest talisman to invade them.

Unfortunately, all isn’t well in the world of dogs. It isn’t the dogs, it’s the adults.

We ran the story this week about WAHS being investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor for what we determined to be minor violations. From that a game of “he said, she said” has erupted and that is furthest from what we here at the Miner wanted to have happen.

Fingers are being pointed at WAHS, an organization that I believe today is doing the best it can to meet the needs of the community and the animals. Is it a perfect institution? No, it isn’t. But it does want to see fewer animals come into the shelter.

Visit the topic on social media, and you’ll see for yourself the conflict between WAHS and Low Cost/Spay Neuter Clinic here in Kingman. I wish it wasn’t so because I believe both organizations have like-minded goals: Fewer unwanted dogs and cats.

I hope one day these two organizations can team together for the betterment of all our animals. I believe it will happen. When it will is the question.

It is a dog-eat-dog world. Let’s not make the animals wear the milk-bone underwear.


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