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Thu, April 25

Letter: Regarding the burros...

First let me say that I am an animal lover to the nth degree and that abuse or mistreatment of any animal angers me. However, I believe that sometimes we need to think outside the box. The burros (as adorable as they are) are a good example. As I understand it, there is an abundance of burros and that has created a problem. So the question being asked is what to do with them.

I also understand that the BLM already has a great excess of burros that they don’t know what to do with. I grew up in San Diego, California and was crushed when I was told that there was a horse slaughter house at the San Diego Zoo. (I never took the time to confirm that.) They said that that is what they feed most of their meat eaters. When I became an adult, I understood that. Still made me sad, but I understood. It must be beneficial down the line. One negative can be a positive to another.

Is there some place that could use the excess amount of burros to prevent “hunters” from picking them off in the wild “just for the sport?” I don’t go for that. Where can we take them that they will be beneficial?

If I say ship them to starving countries, some people will get upset, but isn’t that a viable solution as well? How about keepers of the wild? What about using them for farm work animals (humanely) in countries that can’t afford tractors and other essential equipment. Aren’t there forests somewhere that need to have they ground cover managed to help prevent forest fires from spreading? Would the burros be good for that?

Please note that I do not hate slaughterhouses because they do have a purpose, what I hate is the mistreatment of the animals. Please, think of a place that these wonderful creatures could be of beneficial use.

Connie Allen

Golden Valley


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