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Sat, April 20

Letter: Bad Editor

Your journey into the job of Editor comes with many difficult decisions I am sure, but you seem to be taking the low road at many junctions. Former editors would be rolling in their graves!

Case in point is your article regarding the police officers lunching at a local restraunt.

To publish something because it is a facebook post is probably the lowest form of journalism imaginable ... then to follow it up the following day with more “details” including the firing of the waitress who was just trying to see that her personal insecurities did not impact the service to the officers?


  2. Journalism?

  3. Poor judgement by the officer!

  4. Inexcusable to publish gossip!

  5. Apologize to the proprietor and his former waitress for your poor judgment!

  6. Get a staff who knows the difference between trash talk and news! ...please?

Kingman residents deserve more than you are providing. Remember we pay you to bring us news!

Lynda Thompson



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