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Wed, April 24

Letter: Healthcare politics

Is there any wonder in Washington why nothing to do with Health Care really gets done or done right?

Members of the House and Senate, the judicial branch and the President with all the departments of the executive branch get fat salaries. A House member makes $174,000 per year, and often they accomplish little or nothing that truly benefit the people. However, they themselves have Cadillac benefits that you and I could only dream of having.

That’s right. No health savings accounts required to pay for their health insurance. No high deductibles or large co-pays. And who pays for theirs? We the people pay for their lavish lifestyle? The House and the Senate are still debating for a bill that will satisfy both parties? Perhaps it is the people they should be concerned with.

The average family who lives paycheck to paycheck, who doesn’t have anything left to put into a 401K, IRA, a college fund for their kids or even a health savings account, can little afford high premiums and higher deductibles.

You there in Washington have plundered the middle class almost into poverty. With the help of the Federal Reserve, flooding the labor market with immigrants, keeping savings accounts’ interest at next to zero, fostering wage stagnation, and taxing until there is nothing left. And now with all the best healthcare for the rich, you, and those who are in poverty who get their coverage, we the middle class get the short end of the deal and still are being asked to pay again for our own survival.

We are not fools and we know who built America, who gave of their blood, sweat and tears, with white crosses, bent and broken bodies, as our veterans saved us once again from evil. No more groups, no more special interests – time for one answer to healthcare and not four or five.

Healthcare is not a right, but healthcare, like all of our needed utilities, should be for all. Time to make health insurance and pharmaceutical companies public utilities.

For once, let the power of government actually serve the people.

William Ressegue



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