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Tue, May 21

Eating healthy, exercising can make a world of difference

All too often, seniors trekking into the golden years begin wondering why they have more aches, pains, are always feeling tired, and also begin experiencing medical issues.

Some if not all aches, pains and constant tiredness can be attributed to one thing - inactivity. An idle mind and inactivity in one’s life can lead to medical issues; seniors must grab the bull by the horn and keep active – both physically and mentally!

It is conservatively estimated that by age 75, approximately one in three men and one in two women do not engage in physical activity.

The time has come for those inactive seniors to get up off the sofas and out of their recliner chairs, lace up their sneakers and get involved. There is life after raising a family and after retiring. It’s not attempting to figure out the answer on a favorite TV game show, it is called putting together a simple exercise and/or activity plan in order to maintain good health.

Regular physical activity is good for everyone’s health. People of all ages and body types can be physically active and benefit from not just sitting around watching TV or taking long naps each day.

One of the easiest ways to get involved in physical activity is working around the yard or getting out of the Lazy Boy chair and starting a hobby that keeps their mind and body in good working order.

People don’t have to go out and run a marathon to stay fit. Just walking 30 minutes a day will help get the blood flowing in that old ticker.

Regular exercise is an important part of preventing or lessening health issues and conditions. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include muscle strength, flexibility, cardiac fitness, reducing stress and anxiety, and it gives people a sense of well-being.

A viable solution to beginning an exercise plan is to take a leisurely walk. Talk with a relative or neighbor and set up a walking schedule. But the biggest factor people should consider is if they are actually healthy enough to undergo an exercise program. It doesn’t have to be a long walk; just strolling around the block and having a stimulating conversation with a companion will help out a lot. And besides, seniors can catch up on all the things that are occurring around their neighborhood.

Seniors who have any concerns should consult with their medical professional or physician prior to starting their exercise regimen.

If a senior feels as if she or he doesn’t want to trudge around the block or their physical condition precludes them from walking, they can visit one of the many centers and/or facilities available locally that are designed for elderly people (don’t say anything – I’m 70).

Many of the senior centers have activities such as bingo, crafts, karaoke and dancing, and of course, there is stimulating conversation there in which people can share their experiences and thoughts.

One such center is the Kathryn Heidenreich Adult Center (KHAC) located at 1776 Airway Ave, Ste A, in Kingman. Visit KHAC or give them a call at 928-757-4525 to find out what schedule, events and programs they have for active seniors. (Note: I’ll be putting together a series of articles in the near future detailing the various senior centers located in Mohave County and what services and events they have scheduled).

There are numerous gyms and fitness centers located in Mohave County that have programs for those seniors who want to work out. An example is the Kingman Regional Medical Center Del E Webb Wellness Center located at 1719 East Beverly Ave. The center has a wide variety of exercise equipment including free weights, a swimming pool and a trained staff to help assist individuals with their fitness needs and program.

Seniors should also eat healthier. A balanced nutritional program will help seniors feel better. They should not eat three large meals per day, but it is medically proven that it is better for people to have six smaller meals each day.

An example is between larger meals – break out the celery, a piece of fruit or other nutritional items from the fridge and munch on them instead of waiting for the larger afternoon and dinner meals.

There is a wealth of information available at the touch of a fingertip on the internet about things seniors can do to remain active and on brochures at various medical facilities and senior centers.

Take time to do research on what is available for seniors in Mohave County.

Be active – both physically and mentally.


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