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Fri, May 24

Letter: KAA versus the Taxpayers

Reading the Kingman Daily Miner and listening to comments around the community and trying to determine the reality of the situation at the Kingman Airport seems to lead only to ugly suppositions and unanswered questions. I have no pony in this race, my interest is general only.

Of those questions that abound, I believe the following few are pertinent:

• Is the appearance the reality? Is KAA really anti-business?

• Who is really in control, KAA or the City of Kingman?

• Who stands to benefit from a long term, automatic renewal contract?

• Can the City of Kingman not abrogate and replace the operating agreement with something more favorable to the Industrial Park tenants and the taxpayers?

• Why would Scot Industries leave a functioning facility at the Industrial Park and choose to absorb the enormous expense of developing a completely virgin piece of ground in south Golden Valley, if the KAA is treating tenants in a business-like fashion?

• Since the Industrial Park is supplied with seemingly adequate electrical power and an adequate supply of water & wastewater treatment, and the park is served by sufficient rail spurs and ample surface streets, is utility and traffic support inadequate in the minds of current and potential tenants?

• Is the close proximity of both an east-west Interstate highway I-40 and the proposed north-south Interstate 11 / NAFTA Corridor not attractive to would-be tenants?

• Is the immediate availability of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe transcontinental railway just outside the fence line of the Industrial Park not attractive to potential tenants?

• Is the mostly unused heavy jet-capable airport already sitting there not something to attract other potential tenants?

• Is it true that the current KAA management is openly hostile to existing tenants and to the few general aviation concerns which are struggling to maintain a presence at the Industrial Park?

• Wouldn’t an open armed, pro-business and welcoming KAA attract more businesses and create more jobs and bring much more money into the coffers of the City of Kingman and the county of Mohave?

• Wouldn’t answers to some of these questions help the citizens of Mohave County better understand the reality of the situation?

Jack Hommel

Golden Valley


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