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Tue, Nov. 12

Mohave County Assessor’s office training hard for DOR certification

Jeanne Kentch, Mohave County Assessor

Jeanne Kentch, Mohave County Assessor

Happy summer to all Mohave County residents and visitors. I have the honor of gracing your paper’s pages yet again this year with assessor happenings. I would like to preface with a thank you for everyone that has commented on our County’s Corner publication. It has been a huge success, thanks to my partners; Cindy Cox – Treasurer, Kristi Blair – Recorder, and Doug Schuster – Sheriff.

There has been a lot of excitement at the assessor’s office this year. To start, I have been diligently training through the Department of Revenue’s certification program. The training consisted of about a week and a half of education a month from February to June. It was grueling at times, but I enjoyed being back in class again. It reminded me of my college days.

In between all the training, I traveled up to the Arizona Strip; Colorado City, Hurricane and the Virgin River areas. There are many challenges for the assessor’s department in Colorado City. We will be working hard to overcome some of these challenges brought on by huge amounts of unfinished and salvaged homes. We are hoping the area will see positive economic development and growth sometime real soon.

Both Kristi Blair and I had a booth at the Meadview Lake Festival this May. It was a beautiful day in the cooler elevation. We met a huge amount of fine folks from the Meadview area. Kristi and I had a great time and hope they will invite us again next year.

Our staff will be canvasing many outlying areas this fall. If you see a group of folks measuring buildings and/or property, don’t be frightened, it’s just our very talented appraiser team. Our vehicles are marked “Assessor” on the door, so you know it is indeed us.

Our focus this year will be the mining areas of the county as well as the agriculture areas, mainly in the Red Lake region. We are hoping our extended focus will garner a better understanding of values in the ghost towns as well as our newly developed farms.

Our Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal Department is very excited to have “Pictometry” up and running. We had our flyovers of the incorporated areas this last winter. The 3-D type pictures that have arrived are fabulous. Pictometry provides high-resolution aerial imagery, and it allows us to assess many areas of the county without leaving the office, which saves valuable resources from vehicle use to staff hours.

The imagery can be used to assist us in making appraisals of the properties saving the county money by not requiring us to immediately hire additional appraisers to fulfill the growing need.

Right now, the most recent imagery is available on our website GIS, noted as “Ortho2017 High Res Select Areas.” We have additional imagery that we are working to bring online, both to the public and internally. We hope the public and other county departments benefit from this very useful project.

I would not be a very good boss if I did not send out a huge thank you for our fabulous crew. I was honestly blessed to become part of the assessor’s department. Recently we have experienced five staff members that have retired after working in our department for an average of 25 years of commitment. Yes, that’s correct, 25 years. Talk about dedication.

Those staff members who have committed for a long time to the assessor’s department are: Kathy Northern, Lola Hutchison, Theresa Perry, Shelby Houlihan and Wendy Willey.

We thank each one for their commitment to our county and wish them luck in retirement.

The rest of the Assessor department staff is committed, talented and extremely caring. I receive at least one “kudo” letter a month detailing how great a staff member was, how helpful they were, or even just for being extremely nice.

If you ever get a chance to come visit our offices, tell them I sent you. They will always serve you with a smile. They really do love their jobs, and I am very proud to have each and every one of them in our department helping the public as well as helping me.

To summarize, the assessor’s office is staying productive and moving forward with improved values throughout Mohave County this year. Additionally, I hope everyone stays cool this summer. If you can, visit the higher elevations of the county for a needed respite one weekend. A fun trip would be to visit the Hualapai Mountain Resort in the Hualapai Mountains. It has a restaurant that allows you to view the visiting elk while dining. Also, visit the lower elevations by dipping into the mighty Colorado River. Either way, keep hydrated and stay cool.

Until next time, Mohave County.

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