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Rants & Raves: July 9, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Trashy neighborhoods: Doing this would be a civil rights violation and more. It is illegal to charge a tenant for improvements.

Chem trails: All through the recent heat wave, no sign of the usual “chem trails” planes spraying dangerous chemicals over our heads and into our environment. Why? If not to cool the earth, what are they for – just to keep us sick?

El Palacio waitress: The officer said they were upset and left a $15 tip? If your bill was $76 and you left a 20 percent tip, it would be $15.20. On a smaller bill, why over tip when you are not happy with the service?

Trashy neighborhoods: State law requires landlords to “comply with the requirements of applicable building codes materially affecting health and safety. Make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to put and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition.”

Travel ban: Absolutely ridiculous. The cancellation has nothing to do with the temporary travel ban. The cancellation is from a country that is not effected.

El Palacio waitress: Employee fired due to DPS complaint. They were not refused service as he posted. Hope he feels good that the employee who was working is now unemployed and carries even deeper resentment for law enforcement.

Amtrak: Where have you been, sir? Amtrak Southwest Chief train travels and stops in Kingman, Albuquerque, Kansas City and various other cities on the route to Chicago daily coming and going in both directions.

Diane Maxine Richards: She is the reason the city council will never get a property tax approved, yet they are treating her with kid gloves. Why?

Mesa woman continues fight against immigrant crime: Great story about crimes by illegals. As usual with little or no consequences. Still think they are all dreamers just looking for a better life? Better think again.

Mesa woman continues fight against immigrant crime: One word says a lot. Mary Mendoza is fighting, not against immigrant crime, but against illegal immigrant crime. People who are here from another country illegally shouldn’t be here.

The “Resistance”: The biggest problem with this is the “Resistance” itself. We all know from watching news and doing minimal research that the “Resistance” part is to resist the laws of this land and the will of the voters which gave us President Trump.

Marbles: I love that kids still play with marbles. Now we need to bring back jacks and ball for the ladies.

An arrest: Is dumpster diving illegal? If not then this guy is going to walk because the cops had no reason to search him.

Butler fire: Perhaps MCSO should look at the “neighbors” taking pictures. Arsonists love to watch their handiwork.

Movie review: I don’t know what movie he was watching but it couldn’t have been “Despicable Me 3”. We found it to be cute and fun.

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