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Wed, April 24

Greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change

Re: “Practice what you preach” (July 14) claims climate scientists are “self-righteous lunatics,” and those who believe them should sell their cars and walk everywhere. I have 100 percent wind power and an electric car. I got it for used for $12,000 and I love it.

The “Practice” letter argues that “all scientists” used to think the world was flat. No, not even the very first scientists, the Greeks in 6th century B.C.

“Practice” asks, “Did man cause the ice age of 100,000 years ago and the global climate change of the earth rewarming?” No, but ice core samples and much more scientific evidence proves every previous period of climate change (except the astroid that hit and killed the dinosaurs) was caused by greenhouse gas emissions (

This time we’re are the cause: CO2 emissions from humans burning fossil fuels, according to The National Academy of Sciences and every other scientific body of national or international standing (NASA).

Taxing fossil fuel corporations out of existence and giving all the proceeds to the taxpayers in equal monthly checks would not only prevent “catastrophic” climate change (NAS), it would create millions of clean-energy jobs and increase our GDP over $75 billion annually (

It would also prevent over 300,000 U.S. deaths from carbon pollution annually (Nature, the world’s most highly-cited peer-reviewed science journal).

Clean energy already employs more Americans than the entire fossil fuel industry and can easily power the world many times over (Stanford University’s

Lynn Goldfarb Northglenn, Colorado


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