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Tue, April 23

Trump is not the working man's representative

Are we supposed to take the word of a con man?

Comrade Trump Sr., aka Russian mole, Comrade Trump Jr. aka the Russian mule: There’s email evidence and a confession, but they’re saying nothing was traded. Do we take their word nothing was exchanged then or later?

Trump is a con man. He conned millions of Americans into believing he is the working man’s representative, but he is a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and dodged patriotic duty in his youth with a fake medical report. He was healthy enough to dance all night long in New York City nightclubs.

He was in a conspiracy with his father who denied rent to blacks, but swears he has no racist leanings. He is loved by David Duke, the infamous Ku Klux Klan leader, who traded his hood and robes for a fancy suit.

Members of white nationalist organizations are in his inner circle, such as Steve Bannon, the infamous white nationalist, which is a fancy word for racist.

The GOP has a choice. It can defend a treasonous cabal, a Czar wannabe and his royal family, or it can put country before party.

During Watergate, 70-plus elected officials defended Nixon to the bitter end. Most others stood and told him to resign or face impeachment.

Those 70-plus all lost their elected seats post-Watergate.

This is not a story of right, left or middle of the road, but our nation has been infiltrated by Russian sympathizer, a fifth column movement.

What’s next? Trump invites Russian troops to help hold power?

Ralph Hill Kingman


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