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Fri, April 19

Who asked the voters about a retirment benefit plan?

The county supervisors are in a frenzy because the elected official retirement plan is underfunded.

Now they want to raise taxes so they can get their share.

Before reading about the retirement plan this morning in the Daily Miner, I had never heard of it.

I had never voted on it.

So how did we wind up with this con game concocted by local elected officials and paid for by the taxpayer dollars to benefit them solely?

Who gets it? How much do they get? What other benefits do they get? When are they eligible to get it? Why do they think they are so special that they deserve this? Who oversees it?

It must be nice to spend taxpayer money on something that benefits them personally, but no one else. Or other foolish things like $80,000 studies that they do not get a copy and then tell the people that taxes will be raised without a single vote from the taxpayer.

We taxpayers have to live within our means and do without things we can’t afford. It’s called a budget.

But not them. They are special because they get a pension no one else gets.

The fact is there is only so much money to go around.

Apparently eliminating overgenerous perks to elected officials to help pay for a needed service like the sheriff’s department is out of the question.

Just ask Hildy (Sup. Angius)and her buddies as they take more and more for themselves.


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