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Tue, Aug. 20

Column: Getting It Right Versus Being Right

It’s never easy being told you’re doing a lousy job, and it’s even worse when it’s done in public.

Sometimes it’s done in the most hateful ways with insults and accusations, and the person throwing the criticism doesn’t want to be reasonable.

They want to be right, not get it right.

There are plenty of ways to respond when something like this gets flung in your direction. You can protect the ego and get defensive, try to find the actual point of the criticism in order to improve, or flat out ignore it.

Making the second choice would be my direction. I can fight and be right, and I can ignore and be right. What I want to do is get it right.

Shouldn’t that always be the driving force? To get it right? I certainly think so, but that leaves me with a nagging thought about the ongoing saga between at least three city councilmembers and the Kingman Airport Authority.

Councilman Travis Lingenfelter is leading the way asking for a forensic audit to determine what became of the proceeds from more than $10 million of land sales between 2005 and 2010. It appears to be a fair question and within the guidelines of being reasonable.

For some reason, Lingenfelter’s inquiries into anything airport have stirred up a hornet’s nest. We’ve got a KAA boardmember’s fiancé leading the charge to a possible recall election of Lingenfelter that’s going to cost money this city doesn’t have. The Councilman was the victim of dirty politics when a video emerged of him during a child exchange with his ex-wife.

Now, the behavior that can be seen on the video isn’t anything we should ever expect from a city leader, but it’s easily labeled dirty politics because the video became the reason for the recall, even though the recall movement was already in motion.

And we can’t forget that the Honorable Mayor Monica Gates got in on the action when she called for a special meeting soon after the release of the video to publicly tell whoever wanted to know that Kingman celebrates diversity.

On a side note, I hope she remains consistent in taking corrective action after a councilman supposedly exhibits bad behavior. Councilman Stuart Yocum’s arrest for DUI Wednesday evening should lead to a proclamation and special meeting called by the mayor stating that the City of Kingman is against drinking and driving.

Those who work and represent the KAA are giving off the appearance that something isn’t legitimate. Bob Riley’s quote to Daily Miner reporter Hayden Merrill about a forensic audit is an instance of that.

“Unless they (the city) know what they are looking for, they won’t find anything,” Riley said. “We welcome it.”

It’s that appearance thing. Why doesn’t the KAA just show them? Why does it seem like the KAA isn’t interested in cooperating with its partner, the City of Kingman and her citizens?

A Letter to the Editor wrote to the Daily Miner about how aggressive KAA treasurer Vearl Haynes was at the first workshop between the city and the KAA asking for names of who is asking for a forensic audit. Another appearance that something isn’t right.

My intent here is not to join the parade against those at the KAA. Just the opposite. I want to see the KAA excel beyond belief and serve the citizens of Kingman to the fullest possible extent.

If I’m wrong with the way I’m seeing things, so be it.

Let’s just get things right.

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