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Tue, May 21

Letter: Thirty years is long enough for airport authority

Dear Editor and Fellow Kingman Residents,

I attended the May 8th meeting between the city council and Kingman Airport Authority, Incorporated.

The tone of the meeting was one of cooperation. It was until the forensic audit item was introduced.

Vearl Haynes, present treasurer of KAA, Inc. dominated the discussion of that item. He started by saying he did not want to influence the council regarding their decision to conduct a forensic audit. He then launched into a tirade demanding names of anyone requesting such an audit. His aggressive nature made it uncomfortable for all.

It seemed to me by raising his voice and glaring at the council he was bullying and threatening in an attempt to shut down further discussion of the item and influence the council’s decision. Thus, making opposition to the audit all the more suspicious.

As a member of the public, I believe Mr. Haynes was out of line and his rage was offensive. The facilitator failed in allowing such a display. I hope such outbursts are quickly dealt with in subsequent meetings.

Citizens, the issue at hand is simple.

For nearly 30 years the KAA, a private company, has controlled the operation and management of the largest asset we, the residents of Kingman, own. In that time, few companies have moved into the industrial park, many have left. The poor management of the airport has several airport tenants upset and has contributed to the only commercial passenger airline leaving.

KAA offers numerous excuses from the national economy to the poor work force.

We are tired of excuses and simply want results. KAA has failed to deliver. It is time to send KAA packing.

The city council, largely led by Councilman Travis Lingerfelter, is reviewing the possibility to bringing the management and operation of the airport and adjacent industrial park under city control like that of St. George, Lake Havasu, Cottonwood, Page and other cities.

I applaud these efforts and say 30 years is long enough!

Join me in contacting the city council (928-753-5561) to support their effort to reclaim our airport and industrial park.


George Francuski


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