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Sun, April 21

Letter: Donald “comrade” Trump

I did not vote for him. Ironically I did vote for Nixon, who disappointed me, so I am not going denigrate those who voted for this American Russian Poodle in the White House.

Politicians have been deceiving folks since they started in civilized society, but Nixon was a petty thief compared to Trump.

Trump is on par with Benedict Arnold, and now we learn his son-in-law was in secret, treasonous communications with a Russian spy master.

Sadly both these scandals are Republican party sourced. We see some Republican committee chairmen caught in cover up, one has recused himself, one is resigning and both ought to be on a FBI top-list for investigation along with Trump and his cabal of traitors.

How ironic Hillary was vilified for using a private server, foolish but not treasonous, while Trump just gives the Russians open access and classified data via mouth to ear.

Republicans and Democrats have to stand up to this disgrace and dishonor.

Send these folks to a federal prison for treason and espionage.

Ralph Hill



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