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Sun, April 21

Letter: Response to Boy Scouts

I’m writing in response to William Ressegue’s May 24th letter titled “Political statements don’t belong in the Boy Scouts,” which appears to be a misdirected reference to the decision by a Kansas City Catholic Archdiocese and others around the country to sever ties with the Girl Scouts in favor of the heavily religious Heritage Girls. 

The Girl Scouts is described on its website as a secular organization that never-the-less recognizes and helps to foster the religious faith of its members, but that “doesn’t take a position on or develop materials related to human sexuality, birth control, or abortion.” Church leaders seem to feel that this failure to actively promote their agenda is a legitimate excuse to abandon an organization that many church members have been productively involved with for years. 

On the other hand, members of Heritage Girls have taken part in protests at women’s clinics that provide or refer for abortion, which is a blatantly political act that adds to the climate of harassment and intimidation of women who are attempting to access the various health services these clinics provide and already encounter adult protestors.

America is now facing the prospect that public schools will be robbed of funding in order to finance what will primarily be private church schools (charter schools – which receive much less funding under this plan – are basically just a ruse to disguise its main intent). Private religious schools which officially endorse/support organizations that groom children for political activism against a constitutional right should not receive public funding or be supported by local communities.

Aleeta Stamn



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