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Fri, Jan. 17

Letter: Backing out of Paris Agreement breaks promises to our children

Trump, deciding to exit the Paris climate deal was, I’m sure, based on his campaign promise to do so. In essence, he fulfilled a promise to his supporters, who consist of uninformed, ignorant fools who believe they know more than the entire scientific community and the leaders of 196 countries.

Trump claims the U.S. is environmentally reliable. Really? Tons of trash wash up on our shores on a daily basis. Trump signed an executive order allowing coal companies to dump coal ash in our rivers and streams. He wants to get rid of the EPA. Factories, what’s left of them, will be allowed to release pollutons into our atmospere and dump toxic waste into our oceans once again. Trump has reversed every environmental safeguard we had in place.

It should not matter how much it costs. If we can promise our children and grandchildren they will always have clean air to breath and safe water to drink, there should be no limit on how much we spend to accomplish this. But Trump has made it all about jobs and money, not the health of our planet or our own safety.

In just four months, Trump has reversed everything that has the name “Obama” attached to it. Everything that was put into place by a president who cared about our environment, who cared about stopping Wall Street from screwing the American people again, and the new president even decided that it’s better to allow kids to eat junk food at school instead of healthy foods.

Trump has hung Congress out to dry, as he has bypassed them on everything HE wanted passed by simply signing an executive order.

No discussion. No vote.

Trump has alienated almost every other country, except maybe Russia, with his bullying, his obnoxious behavior, his ridiculous tweets, and his better-than-everybody-else attitude.

He is truly a disgrace, an embarrassment, and a danger to our world and to our continued existence.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


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