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Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: Millennials need to focus on voting and working

I found Daily Miner News Editor Claire Whitley’s column on Millennials so very interesting.

The part that stood out to me was that they are now about 25 percent of the population. What should also have been stated is they are now between the ages of 17 and 36, which is voting age.

To better understand the Millennials (I belong to the silent generation), I googled Millennials and found many interesting facts, one being that (they) “prefer digital literacy, as they grew up in a digital environment. (They) have never known a world without computers. They get all their information and most of their socialization from the internet.”

I would assume that also includes social media and smart phones. So my question to you, Claire, do the Millennials in Kingman need the type of marketing that you reference in your article? I would think they are the first to know what is hot and what is not.

I previously alluded to your generation being of voting age, and I’m sure you realize that your generation is the future of this country. For your generation to be part of the future, they will have to vote. I also googled “do millennials vote?” Every article that came up on the first page was why Millennials do not vote. There were so many reasons that I won’t even attempt to enumerate them.

There are two more interesting facts I found that the Millennials will have to overcome. I am pointing these out, not to be derogatory, but hoping for a future for your generation that mine has enjoyed. “They have been told over and over again that they are special, and they expect the world to treat them that way. They do not live to work, they prefer a more relaxed work environment with a lot of hand holding and accolades.”

Al Koffman


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