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Wed, March 20

Letter: Donald “The Czar” Trump

Nixon was accused of being a crook, a petty burglar, who had his merry bungling burglary crew, led by G. Gordon Liddy, break into Democratic Head Quarters. Now we have one better.

Trump has the Russians, his pals in crime, do it electronically.

Was he paid that mysterious $900 million loan from mysterious Russian Oligarchs? What did he promise his pal Putin in return? To destroy our standing in world, destroy our NATO alliance, install an oil baron into Secretary of State?

I know many seem to turn a blind eye to this treason, but not me!

Russians have infiltrated our FBI and CIA before. Rumors are they have some congress and senate members on their payroll. It’s strange how to republican chairmen on committee’s supposedly investigating Russian interference in our election process were instead “obstructing justic via dereliction of duty.”

One has recused himself and is under ethics investigation. The second is resigning, before term ends.

Are they afraid FBI will find they acted in collusion with Trump in this grand “obstruction of justice?”

Nixon was a crook, a petty crook he did not commit treason, Trump has so many ties to Russians its like a spider web!

Ralph Hill



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