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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter: In response to doing the right thing

How dare Shawn Byrne write an article using common sense! What an outrage. Actually it was an exceptional column focusing on what is wrong in Kingman without actually throwing someone on the hot coals and turning up the heat.

The KAA should have been brought to task years ago. Now that someone wants to ask pointed questions the fangs are bared. The person in question gets raked over the coals and made subject of a pointless recall by a KAA board members fiancé. Can anything be more blatant? Then his council “leader” calls a meeting regarding diversity. I am surprised she did not ask everyone to sing Kumbaya. Are you going to ban drinking next? Driving? Hold a workshop on “jumping the gun”?

The KAA debacle is about money, where it went and why. The books should be open and no one should fear anything....unless they have some thing to fear. Let’s take Mr. Byrne’s advice and finally get it right. What say you Mr. Riley? Cooperation or more double speak?

I may have misspoke a paragraph ago when I said, “Can anything be more blatant?” Look at the recall at NACFD and see who is behind it, where they work and why they are doing it. All it takes is an enquiring mind and a few questions. Perhaps we could prevent BOTH recalls and save taxpayers some money. Perhaps we can get both things right for a change.

Rick Veradt


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