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Sat, April 20

A favorite place is better than a favorite memory

It’s always been one of my favorite places to go no matter where I’m at. I’ve been to and lived in a good amount of cities and towns in my life, and I can still tell you where to find it.

It’s a thrill when my daughter and I are putzing around town and want to find a little something to do, and she thinks of it.

“This is random, but why don’t we go to the library?” she asked a few weeks ago.

So we did. We spent about an hour there as she hunted for books to read, and I walked around watching the library’s precious resources being put to use by a good number of citizens.

(I think you might find this to be a fun fact: Every time I go to the library I think of Stephen King’s “The Library Policeman.” Always have since I read it years ago.)

The first part of the Mohave County-Kingman Library I notice when I visit is the children and youth section because that is where I’m generally led by my daughter. When I see the toddlers playing games in their section I can’t help but smile. I once sat there with my daughter and played games with her there. I like to think that is why she enjoys the library today as much as I do.

After browsing for a short while there, I go check out the Franklin W. Dixon collection, also known as “The Hardy Boys.” I’ve been wanting to own that collection for many years now.

I then usually meander over to the Friends of the Library bookcases where you can find paperbacks for 25 or 50 cents and hardcover books for about a dollar. Please don’t hold the Friends responsible if I have the prices wrong. It’s completely my error.

I would almost testify under oath that on each visit to the library the public computers have a 100-percent occupancy rate. It is good to know there is a place we can go to access the internet without owning a computer. It’s also a good place to go if you have a mobile device, whether phone, tablet or laptop as well. It’s not difficult to get on the library’s Wi-Fi.

You’ll find people there reading newspapers in print, magazines and reference books. I usually spot them after checking in on the King, Peter Straub, Joe Hill, Clive Barker and Pat Conroy books.

There is a lot of production that goes on at the library, which makes it a place to be celebrated. Our society has done well having libraries as part of our culture, and they should remain so.

My love for libraries came to the forefront this week because I’ve heard from several people a rumor about “they” are wanting to close the libraries down. I haven’t made the effort to completely put the rumor to rest because I just don’t believe it. Another reason I didn’t was because the Mohave County Board of Supervisors, sitting as the Board of Directors of the Mohave County Library District, voted to extend the library’s lease in Valle Vista for another year during the June 5 meeting.

That vote is what gives me the confidence to believe that libraries will continue to be around for the foreseeable future. They should because they are a part of our culture, which is important for communities that want to be attractive to others.

Besides, I don’t want to replace one of my favorite places to go with only a memory, even if it becomes a favorite memory.


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