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Tue, March 19

Letter: Obama Kool-Aid

In answer to Lori Gabriel-Dane’s June 9 letter in the Daily Miner regarding President Trump, where she called his supporters “uninformed, ignorant fools,” I can only say, you left out “deplorable!”

I won’t address all the letter’s comments, but I would like to provide a different view.

President Trump has brought jobs back to this country and will be bringing a lot more. Without jobs this country would turn into the, failing welfare state the Democrats want it to be so they can stay in office.

The Paris Climate Accord did nothing for this country except put our people out of work while countries like India and China continue to burn unrefined coal and animal dung which is 100 times worse than the fuel we use.

President Trump is not a disgrace to this country. It is the Democrats in the House and Senate that are the disgrace.

From before President Trump took office they have claimed their only job is to find a way to impeach him. For what? Being a better president than Obama was or Hillary could ever be?

The Democrats don’t give a damn about improving health care, taxes or anything that is good for the people of this country, they only care about destroying Trump.

You say President Trump is “truly a disgrace, an embarrassment and a danger to our world and to our continued existence.”

It is the uneducated and uniformed people who drank the Obama Kool-Aid who are the danger to this country!

Sandee Samoska



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