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Mon, March 18

Editorial: Discussing Community Matters

Daily newspapers are meant to serve as watchdogs to local government, to provide news the community cares to read, and, occasionally, take a stance on local events, including, but not limited to, local politics.

It is in these occasional moments that the editorial board teams up to write a single article giving the newspaper’s position on the issue.

Now that the Daily Miner has a full staff of editors, we can start producing these Miner Editorials. They won’t happen every day, or even every week, but whenever there is something the community is passionate about, we will bring out our pens.

We will do our best to provide all the information on the subject and distinctly inform the reader of what our stance on an issue is. Some people will agree, some people won’t, but that is the nature of things.

These editorials reflect a consensus view of the three-member editorial board that includes the publisher and editor. The viewpoints, arguments and issues have been discussed in length, debated amongst ourselves and agreed upon by all parties.

Our editorials are meant to provoke thought, debate and action for the common good of the community, as well as create a general interest in the world around us. They are not self-serving, or meant to push any other view than our own. We are simply stating our opinion on the matter at hand in order to fulfill our part as information networks and connections between the community and lawmakers.


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