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Tue, July 23

Letter - Re: Dane and the Paris Agreement

RE: Dane and the Paris Agreement

It is unfortunate that we are at such a point that we cannot disagree with someone without them getting hostile. Such is the case with Lori Gabriel-Dane. Case in point, the exit from the Paris Agreement.

She starts out by calling those that agree with the exit stupid and a host of other names. She berates President Trump for undoing former president Obama’s signature achievements with only an executive order and no input from other people.

Lori, the President undid what Obama did when he issued these executive orders with no input from others.

He signed the Paris agreement on his own because he knew if he sent it to Congress it would never pass as a treaty. The United States has decreased its CO2 level by 17 percent over the last 10 years or so. No other country can even come close, especially not China. California coast line is getting pollution on its beautiful shores that is coming from China, and India is just as bad. The “voluntary” agreement does not have any consequences for those that violate the agreement. They see the U.S. as a cash cow that, thankfully, our president says we can not afford to abide by.

As for the science on climate change, most people just call it weather. When NASA fudges the numbers to show the earth’s temperature is rising, I call that dishonest. All of the other “scientists” that claim global warming are following the way of NASA as they can not prove their theory except through computer generated reports in which the input data is skewed to the scientists beliefs. All these celebrities that bemoan about leaving a carbon footprint on Mother Earth are jetting all over in their private planes leaving centuries of carbon footprints.

We can be good stewards of our earth without contributing trillions of dollars we do not have to other Third World countries. If THEY would only do their part on reducing their CO2 emissions, the world would be better off.

Finally, I think that all of these destructive and hostile activities are coming from people who are so distraught over their candidate not winning the presidential election. You need to get a grip on reality and move forward for the betterment of our country.

If you don’t love our country, pack up and leave. We will be better off without the drama.

Sam Wise



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