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Tue, Jan. 28

Commercials: Playing Loose with the Truth

So here I sit in front of the screen wondering just what to write about this week. Trying to always keep religion and politics out of the blog, I sometimes really have to search my brain for a topic. Sometimes I just go with something annoying to me, and assume there are many others feeling the same.

I know that lately I am noticing more and more untruths in the television commercials. I know I have ranted on that stuff in the past, but lately they just seem cross the line far too much.

There is a nonsmoking ad that seems to run about 50 times a day. It is the one that shows you all these folks who have had cancer and heart attacks from smoking. The actors will go on and on about, "If I had only known." They even display a logo from the Centers for Disease Control at the bottom. Well now, of course they would not fib to us if they are connected with the CDC, right?

They want you to just give them a call and they will help you to quit smoking. And it is all free ... Not!

First of all they don’t have a connection with the CDC other than they are quoting some of their statistics. Secondly, it is not free. Once you contact them you will find that they will happily furnish you with the tools you need to end your nasty smoking habit. After you have committed to a long-term program, they will give you the first four weeks, free.

We have what appears to be cancer survivors and their families who tell us how they are doing so much better on their new medicine, and they want everyone else to experience those results. Shame on them! Not only are they actors, but the medicines they are pushing cost a fortune! It is unlikely that most insurance companies would pay for it, but if your family really loves you, they will surely find a way.

How about the guy who lost his eyesight in Afghanistan. His new medicine certainly changed his life. Have they no shame?

Much like the truth in lending laws, they do have to post a few disclaimers. If you have an extremely large television screen and a magnifying glass, you just might be able to read them.

There is always an auto insurance ad that, of course, can offer you so much more than the other companies. The actor will even tell you, "I did not select the wrong plan, I just picked the wrong company." Well, let me see here. Last time I checked, you could get your vehicle covered for just about anything. For the right price, anything can be done. You can most always get it covered for the full amount you owe as long as you are willing to pay.

Those credit reporting agencies continue to thrive. Even though we still do not know how they can do all those credit reports for free, but spend millions on the television ads.

Several years ago they actually took all the alcohol and cigarette ads off television. They weren't promoting a healthy lifestyle. Now, we have alcohol back and it says "Drink responsibly." What a great idea.

Surely you have seen the furniture store that appears to be "going out of business." They have been closing for about two years now. If you hurry on in, you can buy their furniture for 10 cents on the dollar. Yikes! What a deal.

I admit that I do enjoy watching these ridiculous ads for the most part. I am just concerned that many people actually believe these snake oil salesmen to be telling the truth. I sincerely hope that most people watching will take this crap as entertainment and not facts.

Somewhat the same as we often must do with the world news. If you think some of the news is fake, just pay attention to what the television ads are telling you

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