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Rants & Raves: June 25, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Water: We moved to town in 2012 and we love our desert landscaping, but have always wondered why so many of our neighbors many of whom were born here throw money away watering their lush lawns.

Trashy neighborhoods: This town needs to wake up. What the town needs to do is stop slum lords from renting and owning run down properties. The renter shouldn’t have to pay a red cent to improve a landlords property to fit code.

Backing out of Paris brainwashing nonsense: For someone who does not even know me to call me an ignorant fool is pretty foolish. Obama (was a horrible)president and nothing he did helped this country. Get over it.

City Fireworks: $25,000 to spend on fireworks, but not a penny for roadwork? It is time to recall all of them and put in people who have brains.

About budgets: I would put $100 on the line for this: That

zero members of the City Council could pass a finance 101 test with particular attention to setting up and running an actual budget.

Agent Orange Expedition Update: I want to thank Cliff Romberger for riding across country to tell people about the Agent Orange tragedy. Great work.

El Palacio waitress: There are so many things wrong with this story. This poor girl should sue the restaurant and the cops. They seemed to have it in for her. Many people who have never done anything wrong have a fear of cops.

El Palacio waitress: Wow, talk about thin skinned. So the DPS guys get served and still whine. People are dying horrible deaths all over the globe, just being brutalized, but a cop gets butthurt because the server hands their table off? Absolutely ridiculous.

Confederate Monuments: The U.S. did not invent slavery nor were they the last ones to abolish it. Stop changing our history to be more “socialistic” to the rest of the world.

Traffic Delays on Stockton Hill Monday: Doing a repiping job includes a complete road resurfacing being factored in, not just a patch job. Do not start start a job if it can not be finished.

El Palacio waitress: The officer is hypersensitive. He should have never used social media and was very immature. His job is to protect and serve, not to cause trouble. He should be above this. I would hate to work around this type of officer.

El Palacio waitress: DPS officers blew this completely out of proportion especially by putting in on social media. They are the ones who showed bad behavior and insult to injury.

El Palacio waitress: An El Palacio waitress was fired. Really? We’re running a story about a bad waitress? Oh dear! What a way to start our summer. Officers, We love you and bad waitresses - not so much.

Golda Meir: I bought Golda Meir’s autobiography “My Life” when I got out of the Army 43 years ago. Her epilogue read: “The world is selfish. Strength is respected. No one will make peace with a weak Israel.” That was one smart woman.

Re: There is no Global Warming or Climate Change: Please inform the writer of the above that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still exists and just provided the grant money to remove asbestos from Arnold Plaza to help it become a hub for homeless and unemployed veterans.

Palo Christi: They spent $80,000 on a study and didn’t get a copy of it? Sounds like we have some real “brains” leading the city. No wonder we seem to just be spinning our wheels.

El Palacio Waitress: If the server’s version is accurate, the trooper was misleading in his “post.” They were served and apparently went back to work. This girl got fired because she “felt uncomfortable” around police.

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