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Tue, May 21

Letter: More on the politics of pain

Regarding the story the Politics of Pain: My husband is in the exact same boat as Jay Fleming, nerve pain from a screwed up spinal surgery.

My husband is 63 years old and cannot make it through the day with out his pain meds. The doctors cut his pain meds from 180 count per month to 90.

Yes, he did go through withdrawals and extreme pain because the dosage at 180 was just barely numbing some of the pain as it was. Although he doesn’t take morphine, he is still on an opioid.

We currently live in Southern California and are in the process of relocating to the Bullhead City/Kingman area. Our healthcare, insurance and prescriptions are something that has to be figured out beforehand.

There needs to be a happy medium or a way for doctors to more easily screen patients.

I agree that communication is extremely important, but they shouldn’t treat every patient as though they are an addict. I could definitely be wrong, but it seems to me that senior citizens are not as likely to abuse prescription pain meds. For heaven’s sake, when you can look at a person’s body and see all the surgery scars, it ought to be enough.

I am just putting my two cents in as the wife of a once very vibrant husband that some weeks can’t be pain free enough to get out of bed.


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