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Wed, April 24

Letter: Driver Education for slow drivers should be a must

Since you have a news story about ADOT, I would like to see drivers education for slow drivers getting on the freeway.

They cause more problems when there are many vehicles behind them and with semis going 75 mile per hour on the freeway and they are entering at 55 or slower.

You have to come almost to a complete stop when freeway traffic is heavy with trucks. Rear-end collisions are the result and the front vehicle at 55 didn’t even see the accidents that occurred because of their imputed careless driving habit.

The on ramps here in Kingman are long and you have plenty of time to get up to the freeway speeds so eveybody can get on safely.

However, drivers have to slow down because of traffic traveling much faster then they are, causing havoc behind, especially if a semi is behind you. The semi has to slow down to get on and the vehicles behind the semi are really in trouble.

Then you have to dive in front of a vehicle going 75 on the freeway and that is a dangerous situation.

I think drivers should take this in consideration when entering one of our freeways.

Wallace Kozinsky



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