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Wed, May 22

Local infrastructure needs attention before growth projects

Regarding Kingman Crossing and/or Rattlesnake Wash: Before either of these ambitious growth projects are looked at, we need to take a closer look at the existing problems with Beverly Avenue and Stockon Hill Road, not to mention the pothole roads.

Before this city can experience any positive growth, the existing mess has to be addressed. Think what it would mean to increase the cars on the road in town by 20 to 25 percent, because that is exactly what will happen if the kind of growth being talked about actually occurs. More people equals more vehicles. Literally half of your lunch hour could be spent in traffic. Isn’t less traffic a part of the reason people move here to begin with?

Who wants to move to Kingman to get away from the big city life only to be stuck on Stockton Hill during morning, lunch and quitting time. They’ve talked about a roundabout or synchrony of signals, but here are some alternative approaches.

1) Reroute the I-40 westbound exit at Stockton Hill to Beverly (approx. 500 to 600 feet east) and align it with the entrance on Beverly to the shopping center with Big Lots in it.

2) Install a traffic signal on Beverly at this location and therefore eliminating the signal at the existing off-ramp at Stockton Hill. A one-way traffic spike would prevent wrong way drivers from entering the freeway.

3) Install a proper signal at Beverly and Stockton Hill, making it a true four-way intersection, with left turn, right turn and straight ahead options – meaning through traffic on Beverly in both directions. When its green from one direction, all other directions would be red, with no right turns on red. These can easily be synced to allow ample time for vehicle access entering I-40 westbound on-ramp from northbound Stockton Hill.

4) Eliminate left turns from the shopping center parking lot onto Stockton Hill. They can exit at new signal.

5) Eliminate left turns from Walmart exit at Sycamore onto Stockton Hill, therefore making the main exit from Walmart onto Airway, thus dividing the traffic flow at this intersection.

6) Reduce the speed limit surrounding the hospital zone to 25 mph. Beverly and Sycamore already are. Anyone thinking that by installing a sign stating, “High Accident Area – Traffic Fines Doubled” actually reduces accidents should run for city office. That particular sign has probably caused more accidents than prevented. Just lower the speed limit in the hospital zone.

7) Turn out lane to enter the old Safeway lot from southbound Stockton Hill should be paid for by the developers, just as it was for the redevelopment across the street.

8) Synchronize the signals to the actual speed limits that are posted, not 5-7 mph above and enforce the speed limits. Most cities with high traffic areas already do this because traffic is rated by seconds, not volume. Example: regardless of the speed, one vehicle for every two seconds will amount to the same number of vehicles over a period of an hour, given the two-second rule of following the car ahead of you. Think about it and do the math. The middle school math class could synchronize the city signals as a team project and present it to the city engineers.

Stockton Hill and Beverly may have been suitable 15 to 20 years ago with 6,000-7,000 less in population equaling approx. 2,000 to 3,000 less vehicles.

Can you imagine adding 2,000-3,000 more cars tomorrow? Even if they did all drive out to support the new fabulous shopping center at Kingman Crossing, many of them would still have to access Stockton Hill and Beverly to access I-40.

I am all for responsible growth. Let’s grow from the inside out, not the outside in.


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